Top Rated Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans – Cost, Efficiency Key

Minka-Aire Concept IIAre you looking for an energy efficient ceiling fan to add some elegance and functionality to your living space? If so, you came to the right place. Below, we will go over some of the top rated energy efficient ceiling fans on the market today. We will specifically be looking at energy efficiency and price to help find the best options for you.

Canarm LTD Calibre BPT 48” Three Blade Fan – $120

Canarm LTD Calibre BPT 48 Frosted Glass 1 Bulb Light Kit, 48-Inch Ceiling Fan with 3 Blades, Grey/WhiteThe Canarm LTD Cailbre is an affordable energy efficient fan that is also sleek and modern in appearance. On sale right now at Amazon for right under $120, this fan features three blades giving this fan an overall 48 inch width. The blades are reversible, with one side finished with white and the other finished with grey. The Canarm LTD Calibre comes with a hand held remote control to easily switch between the 3 speeds as well as the light dimmer. The air flow efficiency of this fan at high speed is 79 cfm/w. The manufacturer provides a 5 year warranty on this ceiling fan. You will be hard pressed to beat this fan when it comes to price and efficiency. Click the following link to buy yours today!

Canarm LTD Calibre BPT Fan

Hunter Pro’s Best 5 52” Blade Fan – $100 – *Energy Star Rated*

Hunter Fan Company 28724 Pro's Best 52-Inch 5-Blade Single Light Five Minute Ceiling Fan, New Bronze with Dark Cherry/Medium Oak BladesHunter makes a lot of great ceiling fans that are affordable and energy efficient. The 5 bladed Pro’s Best is a perfect example of this. Featuring 5 reversible blades with a width of 52 inches, this fan is 90% pre-assembled and installs in much less time than a comparable fan (but unfortunately not less than 5 minutes like Hunter claims). One side of the blades features a dark cherry stain, and the other features a medium oak stain. It also features multiple installation options (flush mount, drop mount, angle mount) as well as anti-wobble qualities. This Energy Star rated ceiling fan features an air flow efficiency at high speed of 78 cfm/w, and the manufacturer includes a limited lifetime warranty with the fan. Hunter makes some of the best priced energy efficient ceiling fans on the market today, and this is my favorite model. Click the following link to order yours today.

Hunter Pro’s Best Fan

Westinghouse Sparta 52” Two Blade Fan – $150

Westinghouse Lighting 7852400 Sparta One-Light 52-Inch Two-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel with Opal Frosted GlassDescribed as ‘sophisticated, sinuous, and sleek,’ the Westinghouse Sparta is a two bladed fan with a modern appeal and design. The width of 52 inches allows for coverage of rooms up to 360 square feet. It features a brushed nickel finish on the motor housing, and integrated opal light fixture, and two sleek weathered maple plywood blades. The fan has three speeds and is reversible for use in the winter time to circulate warm air. It comes with an easy to use and convenient remote control. The air flow efficiency at high speed is 93 cfm/w, and it comes with a lifetime motor warranty, with a two year warranty on all other parts. This is a fantastic fan that will fit in well with modern décor, and doesn’t break the bank. Order your Westinghouse Sparta today by clicking the following link.

Westinghouse Sparta Fan

Casa Vieja Habitat 44” 5 Blade Fan – $180

44" Casa Habitat™ Brushed Steel Hugger Ceiling FanCasa Vieja is a maker of high end ceiling fans that are as elegant as they are energy efficient. The Casa Habitat fits right in with this theme. It is a smaller fan than others on this list, coming in at a width of 44 inches. Different color options are available for this fan, but the oil rubbed bronze and brushed steel are  favorites of mine. This fan features 3 speeds and a manual reverse option for circulating warm air in the winter time. The air flow efficiency at high speed is 83 cfm/w, and the motor comes with a 10 year warranty. If you are looking for a smaller footprint, lower profile energy efficient ceiling fan that can really push the air (5122 cubic feet of air per minute), the Casa Vieja Habitat 44 inch fan is for you. Click the following link to get yours today!

Casa Vieja Habitat Fan

Minka-Aire Concept II Flush Mount Three Blade Ceiling Fan – $315

Minka-Aire F519-BN 52-inch Concept II Flush Mount Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel with Silver BladesWhen it comes to high end energy efficient ceiling fans, Minka-Aire makes some of the finest on the market today. The Concept II is no exception. This elegant fan features a brushed nickel motor housing and silver or mohogany blades that give the fan an overall width of 52 inches. The fan includes a hand held remote control for dimming the light or turning the fan on or off, as well as changing speeds. The air flow efficiency is 107 cfm/w, which is fantastic. Minka-Aire offers lifetime warranties on all of their products, so you know you are getting the highest quality possible. While this fan (and others from Minka-Aire) is on the expensive side of this list, it is ultra quiet with no wobble, super energy efficient, and modern and sleek. Needless to say, it is well worth the price. Order your Minka-Aire Concept II fan by clicking the following link today.

Minka-Aire Concept II Fan

The Bottom Line

On your quest to add an elegant, energy efficient ceiling fan to your space, remember to keep in mind the cost and the efficiency factor. These five fans are a great representation of the market today, and represent what I feel to be the top rated energy efficient fans when it comes to price and functionality. Style points are also important, and I have included fans that I find visually appealing, if not stunning. Hopefully, this article has helped you find a ceiling fan that you fall in love with in your space. Happy shopping!

What is your favorite energy efficient ceiling fan? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

If some of the terminology in this article seems foreign, read this article on what to look for in an energy efficient ceiling fan. It will help with understanding the terminology.

What To Look For In An Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan


When it comes to finding an energy efficient ceiling fan on the market, there are a few things that you should first understand. Because there is some technical jargon associated with ceiling fans, we will first define a few terms and then help you to understand what makes a fan energy efficient, as well as a few examples on the market today. Thanks for joining us today, and keep reading to learn what to look for in an energy efficient ceiling fan.


Energy Star – Government EPA designation for anything that is energy efficient, depending on the product criteria

Energy Star Ceiling Fan – the following criteria define an Energy Star qualified residential ventilating fan:

Airflow (cfm) Minimum Efficacy Level (cfm/W)
Low At low speed, fans must have a minimum airflow of 1,250 CFM* and an efficiency of 155 cfm/W.
Medium At medium speed, fans must have a minimum airflow of 3,000 CFM* and an efficiency of 100 cfm/W.
High At high speed, fans must have a minimum airflow of 5,000 CFM* and an efficiency of 75 cfm/W.


Equipment Specification
Ceiling Fans
  • Specification defines residential ceiling fan airflow efficiency on a performance basis: cfm* of airflow per watt of power consumed by the motor and controls.
  • Motor warranty provided must be a minimum of 30 years
  • Component(s) warranty must be a minimum of one year
  • Light kit warranty requirements are provided in the ENERGY STAR Luminaires (637KB) specification.
  • Integral or attachable lighting, including separately sold ceiling fan light kits, must meet requirements provided in the ENERGY STAR Luminaires (637KB) specification. See specification (637KB) for specific requirements.
  • Qualifying products must permit convenient consumer adjustment of fan speed, by means of one or more wall-mounted switch(es), a remote control, or readily accessible pull chains.


Cfm – airflow in cubic feet of air per minute

Cfm/W – airflow efficiency as defined by the EPA, measured in cubic feet of air per minute per watt.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

  • Can be over 50% more efficient than conventional fan units
  • Efficiency can translate into savings of more than $15 per fan per year
  • Higher manufacturing standards of motor and parts (longer required warranty)

What To Look For

Energy Star Ceiling Fan

Now that you know what specific constraints define energy efficient ceiling fans, it is much easier to sift through the many different options on the market. What you are looking for is a high number in the cfm/w column, because that will be a higher ratio of ventilation per watt, and thus a more efficient fan unit.

If you are a fan of shopping for Energy Star products because it is easy to just filter your search by Energy Star qualified products, that is a great place to start. But it won’t include all energy efficient ceiling fans. Some companies, for whatever reasons (money, beaurocracy, etc) don’t submit their products for Energy Star consideration, even if their products meet or exceed the guidelines. This is where knowing the information above comes in handy. With your newly acquired knowledge on the definitions of energy efficient ceiling fans, you can sift through the market and find ceiling fans that fit in your budget while also saving you the most on energy costs, especially since Energy Star qualified products usually carry a higher price tag.

Examples of Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

The following ceiling fan is an example of an Energy Star rated ceiling fan with a cfm/w of 95. It is the Emerson Loft Brushed Steel ceiling fan.

You know that since it is Energy Star rated that it meets or exceeds the cfm/w guidelines, as well as the manufacturers’ warranties and lighting guidelines.

Below is an example of an energy efficient ceiling fan without an Energy Star rating with a cfm/w of 87. It is the Casa Metro Brushed Nickel ceiling fan.

It has a 1 year component warranty as well as a manufacturer limited lifetime motor warranty, which are equal to (or exceeding in the case of the motor warranty)the Energy Star guidelines. Its high speed cfm/w exceeds the minimum guidelines, as well as the high speed airflow. While they do not have published data on medium or low speed airflow and airflow efficiency, you can expect that they also exceed the minimum guidelines. So even though this ceiling fan is not Energy Star rated, it meets the guidelines, and in a few cases, exceeds them.

In Summary

Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand the world of ceiling fans a little better. Now that you know what to look for when shopping for energy efficient ceiling fans, browse the rest of this site for recommendations on some elegant and modern options to spice up your living space today. Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions about the material above or on this website, feel free to drop us a line on the contact page, or leave a comment below.

What is your favorite energy efficient ceiling fan and why? Let us know below. Thanks!