Two Modern, Efficient and Compact Casa Vieja Ceiling Fans

Casa Vieja TrifectaCasa Vieja produces some of the more contemporary ceiling fans on the market today. They are stylish, functional, and best of all, energy efficient. These fans also won’t break the bank, as they are priced very competitively. Below, we will compare two modern, efficient and compact Casa Vieja ceiling fans, the Trifecta and the Revolve.

Casa Vieja Trifecta – $230

Casa Vieja Trifecta Ceiling Fan - 44" Brushed NickelThe Trifecta from Casa Vieja is a 44 inch blade sweep ceiling fan that is modern and sleek. It is a three blade design pitched at 14 degrees. It is a three speed fan that is reversible for winter warming. The entire fan is finished with a modern brushed nickel that is very visibly appealing. Other features of the Trifecta include:

  • 4 inch downrod
  • Opal frosted glass light kit (bulb included)
  • Remote control included
  • Limited lifetime warranty (motor)
  • 1 year component warranty

Even though the blade sweep is only 44 inches, this fan can still crank out the air, with 3718 cubic feet of air per minute. The energy stats are in the table below.

Energy Information at High Speed

Airflow Electricity Use Airflow Efficiency


47.4 78

cubic feet per minute

Watts (excluding lights) cubic feet per minute per Watt

This fan is very easy to install for the weekend warrior do-it-yourselfer. The instructions included are easy to follow and you will have your new fan up and running in no time.

One review commented on the fact that it was the central idea in their kitchen remodel:

“I just redesigned my kitchen and it is the central point. It works well and it looks fantastic.”

Another commented on the fact that this fan will work in just about any room with any kind of décor.

“Very nice fan for bedrooms and modern looking. Can go in any room regardless of colors of paint in that room. Easy to use.”

If you are looking for a compact, modern and energy efficient ceiling fan that won’t break the bank, the Casa Vieja Trifecta is a great option for you. Click the following link to purchase yours today!

Casa Vieja Trifecta Fan

Casa Vieja Revolve – $200

Casa Vieja Revolve Ceiling Fan - 36" Brushed NickelIf you are looking for a smaller footprint, yet equally as capable and energy efficient ceiling fan, the Casa Vieja Revolve is the fan for you. This contemporary brushed nickel ceiling fan is also a 3 blade fan with 14 degree blade pitch, but the blade sweep is only 36 inches. Don’t be fooled by that smaller blade sweep, as this fan is more than capable of circulating even a large living space. It is also a 3 speed fan that comes with a remote control. Other features include:

  • 6 inch downrod
  • Clear glass lens light kit (bulb included)
  • 10 year warranty (motor)
  • 1 year component warranty

The energy information is on the table below, and you will see that this is a highly energy efficient ceiling fan.

Airflow Electricity Use Airflow Efficiency


44.2 75

cubic feet per minute

Watts (excluding lights) cubic feet per minute per Watt

This fan is also simple to install with the included instruction manual. One reviewer said the following concerning the Revolve:

“Used in my smaller kitchen for a total renovation. Very stylish, and circulates air well when I’m cooking. Very quiet and no wobbling. Hangs just a bit low because my ceilings are low, so I wish there was a shorter downrod or flush mount option.”

Another commented the following:

“Wife bought this fan and when I saw how short the blades were I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the time to install it. After I did install I was impressed with how well this fan circulated the air in the bedroom. Modern look, quiet on even the high speed, and simple to install. Love the fact the light dims. Only two downfalls on this fan. One, have it in the instructions to remove the “Shipping cover plate” on the motor. Two, have an optional shorter down rod. Even with these two MINOR issues, we turned around and ordered two more the next day.”

Both commenters mentioned that they wish the downrod came in a shorter version, so if this is an issue, go with a fan with a shorter downrod (the Trifecta above is 4 inches) or do an internet search to try to find an aftermarket fix.

If you are looking for a smaller footprint modern and efficient ceiling fan, the Casa Vieja Resolve is the fan for you. Click the following link to order yours today!

Casa Vieja Revolve Fan

Final Thoughts

Both the Trifecta and Revolve ceiling fans from Casa Vieja are exceptional fans when it comes to style and efficiency. They are sleek and modern, and move a large amount of air for their overall footprints.

What do you think of the Trifecta and Resolve ceiling fans by Casa Vieja? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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